Chetnik’s human sacrifice and ritual murder! True or false?

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Dear, dr William Taylor.

Satanic (black magic) ceremonies known as Satanism are the expression of rituals and human sacrifice in ancient Babylon and among many other societies around the world Sumerian, Phoenician, Hittite, Canaanite and Akkadian people in that infiltrated Brotherhood of Satan.

But as we see it and we are eye-witness, that crimes against people performed at the time of the Homeland War in Croatia from 1991 to 1995. The war was very much inflamed by the SPC, (the Serbian Ortodox Church) the criminal “church”, mostly from the Chetniks and their supporters.

I have questions for you, sir. William Taylor, if you can give me answer on them:

– Can you say that in Srebrenica, the share in the rituals of abuse of people, had a black magic?

– How did You come to such knowledge, prof. William Taylor? Your lessons (discourse) that you have in Sarajevo are extremely important and very interesting to me, but I could’t get to the discourse, nor on the content of the lectures. So, I found out about those lectures on a forum, where those massacres were barely mentioned.
The link is attached talking about your lecture:
The text of the Forum: (quote)

“William Taylor, a professor of mythology and history of magic and numerology at the famous Harvard University in the United States was exploring in Bosnia the Balkan myths and magical-mystical tradition, for his next book, whose title should be “The Magical rituals of sacrifice.” He used to come to Bosnia and traveled all over the country, and often went to Srebrenica, and toured the surrounding famous Bosnian mountains and the valley of the Drina River. He has lectured at the Faculty of Philosophy on the history of magic and mythology. “(End quote)

My conclusion is this!

Many of them could not even dream that they will just come back again with his lecture to “death squads”, Srebrenica (as in Vukovar and Ovčara at Rajšićevoj gas chamber), Lovas, Tovarnik in blood, slaughter, removing humain eyes, and mysterious events that they twisted and perverted and lies attempt to “disarming” Croatian public, that the politicians want to hide. We have an example of the Homeland War Zoran Kotnik, prematurely retired operative intelligence services, who told me and wrote the story of his Calvary in Glina, when he was captured and in captivity spent 3 months in the Serbian camp. On that occasion that were the Chetniks who fed him with human flesh.

Please gos. William, if you can refer me to the results of your research or literature (if there is any), because I was intensely interested about it, and I think not knowing you and your research as well as research professor from America. I come to those research and come to the conclusion that for me as a layman, this is black magic.

The letter I wrote on this blog is my personal opinion. Because in fact, I was educated in N. Sad (Vojvodina-Serbia) as a medical technician, and in one street, when leaving the city, I came across trgovinica SPC (Serbian Orthodox Church) in which they sold flowers, icons, and even magic books, and among other things, Aleister Crowley’s “Book of the Law” which was at a bargain price. Of course I bought it, but when I saw that the writer wrote of black magic Master, I quickly got rid of them..

Best regards from Croatia and the Slavonian prairies,
by Uncle Ivan!


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