SOA-COA -Serbian Intelligence Agency!

SOA (COA) is treasonous organization, which was created under the worst cliches od Serbian intelligence organizations. Evidence that support this issue are systematicall betrayal nad disapperances od plans from Croatian Defence, from former (communist intelligence agency) UDBA, SDS, in 1992. After President Tuđman, comes Stjepan Mesić which with his treasonous actions, destroys our generals and make them to go into prison together with people who are make signature for petition. Ivo Josipović, red President, who is trying systematically to paint in red whole Croatia, now is working on establishment of Documente (Documents), who is nothing else than cover for SOA-COA.
After them comes Kolinda Grabar Kitarović and for her mandate, comes to disappearance of plans from Croatian Defence, what is not so strange if we suppose that betrayal is national sport. General Ivan Kinder, who have a funny name and even strange rank have no idea where is east, west, north or south. Ivan give up from your name, because in the war was killed 10 buses of Ivan. Funny general. Mass affairs, who are slowly coming to light, are nothing according to what else should come to light. Betrayals in which nobody reacts except couple people in Croatia who by the way know nothing about military doctrine, neither have salt on their shoulders and ranks for the titles.
Disgracefully removal of the Croatian people, which would cost us our Independence, liberty and even health. Don’t worry if you see for two years even Vojislav Šešelj how freely walks in streets of Zagreb,Vinkovci or Osijek. Is that liberty? No! That is the most worst betrayal of Croatian sovereignty, man,wife and children.
Ask yourself where you will educate your children?For what our soldiers went into secure death! It would be better for us that every soldier died on Ovčara than live the life we doesn’t earned, because of the uncertainty fear who is born into the system that we build from 1941-1945-1991-1995. After that comes on power red revolution, and organizations that destroys all on their way, destroys Brotherhood and Unity of Ante Starčević. Even the Josip Broz Tito stole from Ante Starčević Brotherhood and Unity,and fell in serious Satanism, who cost ours people million victims. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović need to give the resignation and the authorities should take Ante Gotovina,proven stoic who proved his devotion for Croatian people for all time when he was in Haag for trial. Don’t touch Ante Gotovina! Because of Ante Gotovina, Mladen Markač and others generals who gived for Croatia so much,what is for us normal people to give them 2-3 years. Do we have something to lose? We Don’t Have. Because after all we don’t have State of Croatia, but she was such pretty as we build her in our dreams,and we make her pride,shiny after victory in OLUJA 1995. This betrayal is something most worst that is happened to our people.
Open your eyes! No more evil!
Stric Ivan!