This is THE END!


GENERAL Ivan Kinder, chief of Military Security and Intelligence Agency (VSOA) ordered an urgent investigation due to disappearance of the Republic’s Croatia Defense Plan. Republic’s Croatia Defense Plan went missing in the Office of Zoran Drča, assistant of minister of defense Ante Kotromanović.

Defence Plan for every country is a document of ZERO category and it’s marked with highest rank of secrecy. Plan was passed at not public part of Government Conference on 5 th of Novemebar 2015., three days before parlament elections, and got a mark “highly classified”.

Director VSOA Ivan Kinder

Previous Defense Counsel of president of Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, on conference on 22 nd of September 2015., backed up the proposition of Defense Plan of Republic of Croatia.

The Government Resolution states that “according to article 6. of the Act of secrecy of data and Rule book about secrecy of defence, Defence Plan is marked as “high classified” and can’t be published. Otherwise, Croatia was the only country member of NATO that didn’t have a Defence Plan. Defense Plan is a core document from area of defense that Republic of Croatia didn’t have from its independence. Alongside the existing documents that were passed in last two years – Strategic Review of Defense of Republic of Croatia and Longterm Plan of Development of

Armed Forces, with adoption of the Defense Plan package off three core documents from area of defense was complete. Electronic device on which was the Defense Plan went missing in the Office of Zoran Drča, assistant of minister of Defense Ante Kontromanović. Zoran Drča has a BS in political science, is employee of Ministry of Defence from 2003. originally from Benkovac. In Ministry of Defense of Republic of Croatia was employed the same year the he graduated on Faculty of Political Science, and his swift rise in his career many link with influence of Milorad Pupovac and representation National Minorities in authorities of Republic of Croatia.

It is important to mention that almost hundreds of people named Drča is on a list of members of the aggressor’s army and rebelled Serbs that were abolished as members of enemy forces in Homeland War. Many in Ministry of Defense of Republic of Croatia was surprised that Drča, almost greenhorn of modest knowledge about area of defense, was named on forehead of Ministry of Defense of Republic of Croatia Adiministration for defense politics, the most important sector of the Ministry. Drča was also and a chief of International Defense and Security Sector of Ministry of Defense of Republic of Croatia, and as assistant of minister was named in December of 2012.

The Protocol on Security Defense Plan is a zero document of defense of every country. After adoption, each sample is in Office of the president, Government and in Ministry of Defense. Other Ministries, and other authorities, have only that parts that are meant for their role by the Plan. Up the Defense Plan there is a security protocol to whom is the Plan accessible and how to deal with it.

Plan that went missing in the Office of Zoran Drča was on electronic device. When Drča was asked to return the Plan – device and the Defence Plan went missing. Drča didn’t know how to explain where it was. The case was reported to Military Security and Intelligence Agency. Notes are been held by four people, and the case was assigned to Military Security and Intelligence Agency’s division for counterintelligence protection and communication security. When did Military Security and Intelligence Agency started an investigation, there was mutually pointing fingers and shifting of responsibility. Of the record we found out the president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic was informed about the missing of the Plan just three days after its’ disappearance, during second day staying in Vukovar. President order an investigation Till then in her company chief od Headquarters Drago Lovric was seen, but day later, on party that Lovrić organized in his hometown Otok near Vinkovci, where the President malted fat and made sausages, he didn’t took a picture with the President. When she received the information President orded urgent investigation, and on that afternoon a dramatic meetings was held with director of Military Security and Intelligence Agency Ivan Kinder and chief of Security and Intelligence Agency Dragan Lozančić. They are investigating how the Plan went missing, who knew about its’ disappearance, why the President was informed just three days later… Relays were already prepared, chief Lovrić and director Kinder, are searching for a scapegoat for serious oversight within the Military Security and Intelligence Agency. To make the situation more interesting, for people how love speculation and conspiracy theory. Defense Plan went missing on the day when in Zagreb, due to hosting on HRT show “Otvoreno” Miroslav Lazanski was staying, the military commentator of Belgrade politics and advocate of military coup against the Croatian authorities in 1991.

What will NATO say In that contest, the statement of Miroslav Lazanski is interpreted that all Serbian Authorities knew everything. Vučić congratulated Karamarko on his elections resultants even before publication of the results. He didn’t congratulate Milanović, but how did he know before the elections? Because the Serbian intelligence agencies did their job well. About the disappearance of Defense Plan will be interesting to see how will the leaders of

NATO react. Defense Plan of Republic of Croatia is not only internal affair of Croatia, than is, on micro level, very important for NATO’s System of Defense. In NATO they are aware that Russia, through Intelligence Agencies of friendly countries, is trying to penetrate the security system of NATO countries, and in the moment the softest tissue is Croatia and Slovenia.

Izvor: Gabriel

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