War is been held information-special war, with all forces!

In the last few months, there is a ruthless war been lead against the Croatian men and women, and with all means. Means of electronics information,  and means of special war. Last information and disinformation are telling us that our intelligence services in Croatia are fallen down on their knees, what actually  shouldn’t have not happened at all. Mass of negative news such as removal of the tent in Savska Street, are telling us that most of them played a card that can leave terrifying consequence on all of us…

If you remember, the death of Nevenka Topalušić, as well as disgusting arrogant behavior of Fred Matić, and his nonprocessing, as well as the games that phenomenal trio composed, as well as the war that they held against those who can see a bit further and are not embarrassed to tell the truth or write it, is only a confirmation, that whole Ministry of Veterans, as well as totally futile Government of Republic of Croatia, indeed according to the last new – jumping point from where it should start, toward improvement, but not to Republic of Croatia in which they got injured, Great man as Miro Barešić, Blaž Kraljević, Ante Paradžik and other knight… that’s NOT MY CROATIA…if I need to raise my hand on my father or brother, and on criminals not to react due to blackmail or pressure, that shame is intolerable!

In that kind of Croatia and with the people who are executioners of heroes – I DON’T WANT TO LIVE!

Za Dom Spreman!

Stric Ivan!