Epitaph to great man of Croatia!


Zvonko Busic remained a little man because by entering into the politics he could have become a victim of political scams and imputation, which he did predict, because with his suicide he actually saved his soul and face from crazy politicians who prepared a death trap for him. In my eyes he is a giant and a teacher for all eternity, because he avoided a hell flame of Croatian politicians their lying tongues, equally as the prepared that for him, but with a delay and diametrically opposite because he saw and predicted everything what is being prepared for him.

Hero of the Croats and Croatia, who has with his deed moved people’s hearts and their beating, little people who got burned and slapped on their fingers, each time when they tried to give something for Croatia. He opened that portal for us Patriots where is each sacrifice, spiritual and needed. Today after so many years, this man is being missed as equally as Bruno Busic… Great men who will remain in my heart enlisted as GIANTS bigger than moral verticals and

people, because just after his birth he was in grave danger. Because to call yourself a Croat in that time and today to do that venture wasn’t simple nor easy. Captivity was too hard, too long in the strictest jail. Zvonko Busic tough as a rock was broken when he saw so much of disharmony, envy and sorrow ruling over Croatian people. When man of his cast and character snaps from misery and reaches for a new step that made him in Croatian public vulnerable in my eyes that man deserves greatest honor and acknowledgment as one Patriot can get. Zvonko Busic is not alone. But unfortunately his brand is so rare so wild on the stone rouse up so that we will have to wait at least 100 years again for this kind of man to be born as it was Zvonko Busic. Is Zvonko being missed?


If I miss him and I was a child then, even today, this great Croatian political man, then I can imagine how is he being missed to his loved ones. For what do we Croats have some much against each other?… Because we have to many Judas and traitors… and we reject Heroes and in our homes we let in worst scum. Our hears are grown into a weed and human misery, and our souls we sell to the Devil for money, fortune and success… From sorrow that our people was robbed and that our great Patriots and Heroes are at the cemetery, I want to scream and get out of here, from spite I remain here and will remain till my very end even though I stood alone. And when my family leaves me, and when my friends don’t recognize me on the dumpster, and when as an old man I circle the ghost of my fellow combatants, I will know that by their side I will have a place, but once somewhere in haven I’ll still ask myself when I’m not alone, are there around me the same ones that sold themselves for couple of Judas or there gathered around me again the little people who will someday somewhere on some other stone planet succeed to initiate real Croatian Spring.

Because we owe it to everyone who have fallen for Croatia all mothers of Croatian woman, all daughters and sons. We alone are our greatest enemy, coarsest salt which can be put on wound of one poor Croatian man and woman. We rejected love due to luxury of hate and other bed human feature. How to kiss others when we don’t even kiss ourselves when we don’t have the time to stop next to a neighbour an ask how is he? …That day I will never forget when I arrived at the airport I when lots of people gathered around him. Most of them weren’t well-intentioned and not with clean heart there… That picture I will never erase from my head.

That day Zvonko was attacked, I don’t know by whom, but I presume how because on the similar way but in different situation I was also attacked. Not just me also and other Patriots. That trend became so strong and mighty that became from phenomenon to an everyday thing. Instead for a vacation I got stress. Instead of corner where I would grow old I got restless dream and nightmares. Croatia that I dreamt of wasn’t alike as the one in my dreams but it became cemetery of souls fallen, bought and resold by our politicians. Truth is that Zvonko was a Patriot that kidnapped the plane, and that in that act a police officer was killed. Truth is that Patriots like him became terrorists, and today I like to say – mind thinking terrorist, people that are not afraid to say well thought sentence in front of group of people or to write their thought on the web to leave as a permanent legacy for other generations to come. On this world or on the other? How knows… For now, this one is not enough for dreams to come true about free and happy Croatian people. I sure of one fact that God will tear all of our heads because will we not have an answer on given question… What did we do with our Homeland and why didn’t we listened Zvonko Busic till the end, because we had a man that could have taught us how to kiss God’s Home and Family… he learned that. He

didn’t need much because everything in his complete life is was tried to be taken, and he got it back all of it. But when he saw that, that is trying to be done all over again and amongst those of his combatants, that was the drop that spilled over the glass, and he left. Because he didn’t want to insult nobody just like he never did. We should be all ashamed of ourselves.

Never sold, to Homeland loyal!

Uncle Ivan!


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  1. Striče Ivane, koliko god će Hrvati cijeniti hrvatsko/državotvorni rad doživotnog Hrvatskog Viteza Zvonka Bušić, toliko isto će Hrvatsi cijeniti tebe, striče Ivane za sva tvoj neumorni trud na polju hrvatske ISTINE i hrvatske PRAVDE. Milan.

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