Whose are you, dude, selling rocks under plums!?

How would it have been?… if we little people bind, into a crew that will tear up, all of Administration of National Security’s (UDBA’s), KOS’s structures, communistical structures, and also prochetnik streams?

Our SOA has findings, that chetniks movement is growing stronger in Croatia… an also, they are noticing strengthening of right sided neo-Nazi structure. And I would ask them, our SOA, do they have sunglasses on their eyes, or are they so blind and employed through connections of their gammer and uncle in that filthy criminal organization? And according to me it is criminal, because it’s getting its’ salary and not doing its’ job. Ie. working, selling what is not theirs. Following the reputation of our members of Parlament. Because if they are not aware of our special war, that is held against Croats, I rather not comment anything else then they are lost in their field of action.

Question to director of SOA, who did yesterday pleaded with the news, about strengthening of chetniks organizations and also of neo-Nazi groups:

– have You ever worn shoes or sneakers of Vukovar’s people that were killed, maltreated and abused?

– is there something in Your life, that is not measured by money, authority, power and “undertail” politics that you run. You raised the commotion regarding the neo-Nazi groups, therefor Croatian one… and I would ask You: are you aware that there are neo-Nazi chetnik groups, organized by chetniks in Croatia. In Vukovar, Borovo selo and all of Serbian villages around Vukovar. Not just around Vukovar. You know what am I trying to say.

Organized by Stanimirovic and Pupovac, Grcic. I didn’t see anywhere not a single group of Croatian neo-Nazi in Croatia. But the chetniks are, if you aren’t informed, the ones that a braced neo-Nazi ideology of “Blitzkrieg warfare”, as they did also an aggression on Croatia in 1991. If you weren’t participant of Homeland War, we have nothing to talk about more with You or Your knowledge that you collected. Because there are people, with name and surname that can and know better of how to lead out and secure our Homeland then you, and the forged their trade in hardest battles for Vukovar, and Slavonia, in defence of Croatia.

You know them all. I wouldn’t stand somebody peculiarly out. Everybody has more spirit the you and all the others that work for you as an employee. The thing is this: you kicked them into retirements, abroad, into graves, and for their knowledge you didn’t ask, nor you have been interested. Thieves, war profiteers, chetniks at large, and Croatian mayors in jails, or at court. Is it at least one, with higher rank summoned for member of National Counsel for Security? SOA? POA? VSOA? If I got something wrong, crucify me. A the chetniks will still walk, as they do in Vukovar, so will they do on Croatian soil. You know them all.

Those mayors, you process, judge for Cyrillic panels. Them you haunt and follow, and the little Croats and women, their families you destroy, I’m so embarrassed, ashamed to mention You because until yesterday you weren’t interesting at all, and you are trying through press and daily portals to clean yourself from the crime of: not knowing. My father used to say: it doesn’t mater what you say, is more what you do and are about to do. And you talk everything, and you don’t do anything.

People like that will leave you, together with their employees hired trough gammer and uncles. Vukovar was defended by 1.800 people, and from them you didn’t learn anything because you are full of yourself and arrogant. In Vukovar in war times, there weren’t, as far as I know, M16, CIA and other agencies. But there were UDBA and KOS that were destroying within the Croatian defence. Knowledge was forging, school was learning, under fire, on fire and in fire. In blood, pain, smoke.

I’m writing this as an observer on the side, and I peek from every corner. You were not making any plead for bigger things, larger outbursts, but you raised a “revolution” for couple of flairs together with the president. So I want to know are you security guards, on the matches, are you selling seeds? If you did that job, selling seeds on the matches, you would had a better inside view into state that is Croatia in. That’s all from me. After “Oluja” (Storm) it seems to be the time for action “Thunder”! Whose are you, dude, selling rocks under plums?!? Is this happing everywhere else but here?