Endangered national security of Croatia?

President of Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic driven by influential and mysterious mentors, illegally and illegitimately, performed a play with which she removed established obstacles for Serbia in their negotiable process with EU, and made big political damage to Croatia. She did that on the day of 88 th Anniversary of tormented, great Serbian assassination on Croatian MP (ministers of parliament). She did that in company of close associate of Chetnik’s Duke Vojislav ŠeŠelj, Aleksandar Vučić, current technical prime minister of Serbia. This is how she addressed to Croatian woman part of Euro parliament, Marijana Petir: “On this day in Belgrade Parliament 88 years ago, there was an assassination on champions of HSS Stjepan Radić, Pavao Radić, Đuro Basariček, Ivan Pernar and Ivan Granđo. That was a shot on Croatia and Croatian people. I hope that politicians who are negotiating in the name of Croatia with Serbia, will ask from Serbia change of their current politics. Any kind of remission would become a new shot on Croatia and Croatian people.”

Illegal, forced declaration was signed after Government of Serbia adopted it. President didn’t leave much time to our Government for adoption, text was delivered only 3 days earlier. Huge, odd and worrying rush of the president of Republic of Croatia, along with diabolical chosen day of signing the declaration clearly suggests that her actions in this case are strongly commended by someone, at the expense of reputation of RH. Constitution of RH predicts common action of president and Government also togetherness in foreign politics. With this rush those constitutional regulations were ruined.

Right after common play with Vučić, a slap followed Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic and Croatia. Serbia relieved their Head of Permanent mission of EU, due to insufficient engagement for disabling the exhibition about Alozije Stepinac, which was organized by Croatian woman, part of Euro parliament, ms Marijana Petir. Serbia didn’t stop on that act – to all relevant institution of Europe, they send bunch of forgery, lies, with which they attacked person and work of blessed man and also image of modern democratic Croatia, by pronouncing us as followers of fascism. In spreading of anticroatian mania, they were helped by action of jugonationalist, on whose lies they are constantly appealing to.

President’s double standards – what are inner political questions, a what is meddling into somebody else’s backyard? Serbia rehabilitated a chetnik, fascist cutthroat Draž Mihailović and chetniks movement, guilty of dozen thousands victims in Croatia. On that kind of fascist blasphemy Croatia remained with no reaction and president didn’t react either on it on her meeting with Vučić. Tomislav Nikolić, chetnik duke and president of Croatia clearly stated territorial pretensions on Croatian territory, a hit on purpose where it hurts the most – on Vukovar, pronouncing it a Serbian town. Whole affair was declared meaningless, for inner political use in Serbia – and then again nobody cares. President somehow “forgot” on the diabolic Serbian limited universal jurisdiction with which Serbia is haunting and will haunt victims of their own aggression on Croatia. Again president didn’t say anything! Serbian academy produced a Memo with which it’s attacking directly even on Croatia. Authors of Memo were academics Pavao Savić, Antonio Isaković, Dušan Kanazir, Mihajlo Marković, Dejan Medaković, Vasilije Krestić, Ljuba Tadić, Kosta Mihajlović… Do-gooder Ćosić and others in 9 articles modernized and adjusted to new age, what they imagined and started in second half of twentieth century. Here are the articles:

1. Minimize Serbian responsibility for committed crimes and destructions, and with indictments, warrants and staged court process against citizen of BiH, Croatia and Kosovo put it in equal position with surrounding countries.

2. Distract regional and international media from final processes to former participants Serbian political, intelligence and military top and political top of Republic Srpska which in on trial in Haag’s tribunal.

3. To bring neighbor countries BiH, Croatia and Kosovo in position for them to drop the charges that they announced in front of international courts.

4. With repentant actions to bring Serbia in equal position with killed and damaged surrounding countries.

5. Insist on closing Haag’s tribunal and insist on trial of general Ratko Mladic in front of local judiciary.

6. Destabilize governments of neighbor’s countries, provoke inner dissatisfaction and riots and weaken the blade of charges against Serbia.

7. Help to separate Republik Srpska.

8. Insist on constitutionality of Serbs in Croatia, Montenegro and Kosovo and to perform a transition of Serbian communities in region countries into Unitarian, all Serbian community.

9. Stop the separation of Vojvodina, stop further regionalization of Serbia and weaken the action of Islamic community in Sandžak. From president of Croatia, ominous silence. On the other side Serbia is hitting frantically on blessed man and modern Croatia. From president again silence. After this kind of rashomon, it is legitimately to ask a question. Whose interests is Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic serving to?

Source: Željko Maršić – Zenga.