Don’t hunt the Veterans! It will backfire!


Sanctimonious performance of President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarović only confirms that there is a Special war been lead against Croatian Veterans, and they mean to destroy us with all means, is that with help of medicines, which are with the help of median TV channels destroying synapses in the brain which should protect us from foreign influences, attack of subliminal messages. From that there are so many suicides, because we give too much attention to some Departments of Veterans, as do we today to all ministers who have sold us, for money, Jude’s silver, for positions and chairs. Important is not to give up. There is no need to be scared, because if there is a gas tank flaring up in Savska Street, as it is still there, and it blows up it will take many with themselves who worked against Croatian people. Mistake is because we put on Ministry positions programed people instead of a MAN! Personal interests are about all.

Little people are endangered, more than ever, our families, children, and it seems that school system is degraded and decadent till that measure that our children are no longer permitted TO SAY that their parents were Veterans and Volunteer in Homeland War. I could tell a story and write a book about teaching children who have begged their parents, Veterans and Volunteers, not to hand in second-instance decision about disability for enlisting in secondary high schools, just not to mess them up. Should we say more? YES WE SHOULD! All these partisans, communist should be exposed, and all the other who fouled us and are trying to destroy our souls and to show the Homeland War as terroristic action against Serbian people! Laws are made, by all other but the ones who should have been giving rights, and those I now publicly renounce. I don’t need second-instance decision about disability, nor do I need my pension, nobody we pressure my children. I have ten fingers and I can fight on different way, and earn my PEACE that was taken by adversaries. No money can pay for that, no money. Because if my brothers are been haunted, tomorrow I’ll be, my, their children. Stupid is and naive everyone who thinks that they will leave him alone. Is that Croatia that we fought for? I would just remind:

It began with rallies,

Log revolution,

Massacre in Borovo Selo ,

Aggression on Croatia by the terrorist JNA.

Be careful because the frontline is no longer visible, because the enemies are all those who are proving themselves in wrong light. Instead of Croat to be a brother to a Croat, now Croat is a wolf to another Croat! Let’s unite ourselves, even though a puppy is going to be leader at the beginning, till the end of the story he we become a leader that will take us to victory, and to the Croatia that we all dreamt of!

Izvor: Gabrijel

Stric Ivan!

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