SNV has it all: from cockades, to Kalashnikovs! 

So regarding the bulletin of SNV, that is going out for almost 6 years, in which are enlisted everbody who spread the “hate speech”, a few days ago there was an attack on a Hero of Homeland War Damir Plavisic, Vukovarian major and Veteran. Some will say that this is not appropriate to announce, but among other things, it should be noticed that SNV, is hunting in blurry waters, together with communist cadre, and their followers.

One of those followers is this, masterly “example” of a man that is not worth mentioning of. Attack on a Hero of Homeland War, Damir Plavsic who was 3 months in battle for Vukovar, and after that in Serbian camp, showed a level and a general thinking, of this assailant, who I believe wasn’t lonely in his nightmare and hate that he projects on people who were ready to die in Homeland War.

But to remind SNV on one fact trough a video, which is actually sang on foreign language and then translated on Croatian, so that public would be better acquainted with “adjutants of SPC” who think alike, in Serbia and here (in Croatia)! It is very important to read the text, in which are written word of Serbian priests. Music background is relevant, because it shows, the level of thinking, of this boy bend!

Similar is happening with this site “Hrvatsko obrambeno stivo”, editor was visited, few days ago, with two inspector of crim. police and questioned about hour and a half, about who is an associate on this site expect me. Allegation believe it or not, came from the same SNV, who signed all verbal fouls (delict) and with it made a bulletin, which was printed in 600 copies. With this I’m sending an inquiry to Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia:

-don’t you have money for books with patriotic content, and you do have money, to print this bulletin? I ask and for another thing:

-didn’t SOA announced the other day that Chetnik’s groups has gone up in Croatia? List of war criminals in Croatia! If we think trough, there are doubts that in Croatia foundations and organization are getting born, like the one which with their offset, therefor action, put a BOMB in Vinkovci at last fall, a for which Serbian radical chetnik organization is responsible (confirmed), which sprout in Croatia, it’s getting stronger and stronger.

Since SOA, has weaker information, from salesman of seeds on matches, and derbies Dinamo:Hajduk, I need to warn them, on bending the facts, and that is that extreme Nazi/ fascist organization pro Croatian organization – DOES NOT EXIST, but it exists a Nazi/fascist organization with objective to create great Serbia, in borders Karlovac-Karlobag- Virovitica.

There is no need to go far. It is in Croatia, and it will, for sure in couple of year, become a great peril. Publishing the bulletin of SNV, about hate speech is nothing but masking and covering the real actions, of Chetniks in that party and also of their leadership.

Because as do we know the psychology of Serbs, so through destructive psychopathological attacks of every kind, from open aggression on Croatia, war crimes from 1991 – 1995, till special war, that came from Serbia, and was openly supported by Serbs and Chetniks abolished communist, who are now in Croatian Police and government institutions, it is no wonder to try to manipulate, trough publishing of bulletin, and covering true goals of all pro Serbian Chetnik organizations, which appetite has grown to that measure, that they are openly stepping out with so called bulletins to shout up mouths of true patriots and Croats.

Izvor: Gabrijel Mauker

Stric Ivan!