All veteran volunteers are on the list and blackmailed till the blood of SOA, UDBA, Kosovarian agencies and freelancers.



Revolutions were fought during history of time, in country where people weren’t satisfied with the leadership of politicians, president, and also for other things that happened to little nations. Stupid politicians think that I don’t see them, as a bloger, and other that have similar portals or another media. About little people we don’t need to talk about at all… they had it enough of everything, from HTV and onwards.


Fear that they are trying to implant amongst us, and discord is devastating in situation when we can do anything, and when we give up. We should watch on grafting, I mean, on situation when we begin one action, in any direction and for a moment we give up or fall down, then “Jude’s” are clinging on us, ie. Idlers, who don’t have any though or ideas themselves, therefor that kind of plan, that they follow, usually gets ruined, by the one who is trying to continue it or change the existing one. So fight for your dreams with all forces, and strengths against exiting tyranny, and don’t be not a bit sorry for personal sacrifice that you are giving.


Discord that originates on very beginning, because of difference, or misunderstanding of matter, so every efford that is invested in the plan, which you want to carry out is worth it, in a way that you are pick fruits of your work. You need to be careful a lot on scroungers, and on those who don’t have any honor to adopt somebody else’s ideas as their own. That is not free.


Special war, that is been lead is the war before the war, and in our country SDP started it, so, we are fighting back individually on every field, in every way that we can, because it is not in our objective to fold back, that would surely helped their god and made a new step to victory.


Monstrous system that is build, in nothing then strong police country, which will not give up until all of veteran volunteers are beaten down, until they put us under the ground.


Svi dragovoljci su na popisu i ucijenjeni do krvi od SOA, UDBA, kosovskih agencija, slobodnjaka. To se očitovalo prije mjesec dva kada sam bio u drž. odvjetništvu, zbog prekršajne prijave, i kada sam davao iskaz…u tih 30 minuta dok sam čekao drž. odvjetnicu i odvjetnika sam doznao kako su svi ucijenjeni do krvi i to od svih današnjih obavještajnih agencija, koje su nastale od SDS-a, pa do UDBA, kosovskih, stranih agencija i do slobodnjaka. Nije teško sve to percipirati, samo treba koristiti pamet.


All veteran volunteer are on the list and blackmailed till blood by SOA, UDBA, Kosovarian agencies, freelancers. That I found out month ago when I was in State attorney’s office because of misdemeanor charge, and when I was giving a statement… in that 30 minutes while I was wating for state attorney and a lawyer I found out that everybody was blackmailed till blood and by every intelligence agenies, which were created by SDS, UDBA, Kosovarian, foreign agencies and freelancers. It is not hard to perceive, you only need to use your brain.

Izvor : Gabrijel