Dear Mr. Director of SOA!

Dear, we are writing in hope that You will help us. In Croatia systematically are being destroyed citizens of Croatia, first of all Veterans and their families, by SOA. We are constantly being wiretapped illegally, followed and disrupting our normal life. Our emails are being blocked, Facebook and similar, putting pressure on members of our family, and there is nobody in Croatia that we can inform. We live in fear, of what tomorrow will bring, we can’t get a job, our children have nightmares of intimidation, and simply we don’t know what will the next day bring. In attachment of this letter, I’m sending copy of the letter that I send to Director of SOA, and on which I didn’t get any answer. Please help us!

Dear Mr. Director of SOA!

I am writing this letter to put attention on terror of SOA. In the Service I am since 1992., and I came from the police. I was at the front line of the battle field in Hrvatska Kostajnica, where I was captured and was in captivity in Camp of prison in Glina. I have status of 50% Croatian War Veteran Invalid (HRVI) permanently. I was retired 31.12.2008 from the Service. After my retirement, my colleges were told not to communicate with me, and somebody was told that with threat of being laid off. Since then my phone number and home line was under supervision by the Service. Personally I don’t pose a threat to national security, I am sick and poor person, hungrier then full, and the Service is dealing with me, rather than with criminal and other intelligence problems. Terror is directed also on other people, so because of that Damir Jukica who was assistant Director of the Service, was retired by force in 2004. , after painful interrogation in SOA’s rooms in Gruska Ulica, where to save himself he had to sign that he was into hiding general Gotovina.
About that he gave an interview to “Globus”. Service did later on threaten all his relative’s, that if they communicate with him, they will lose their job, what is still lasting till this day. Also my friend Damir Vojnovic was retired by force because he wouldn’t do illegal actions in the Service, what was asked from him by his superiors, so he sued SOA on Administrative Court in Zagreb. It was recorded that two agents of the Service was pressuring the judge that was leading the case, so that she would make a verdict in favor of SOA.
I must emphasize, that you are well known that I wrote two books “All died equally” (Svi umiru jednako) by the records of my father, Josip Kotnik, who was writing events from WWII happing on the territory of former Yugoslavia as officer in general Headquarters’ III of the Army of general Kosta Nađ and “Crow about the truth” (Vrana oko istine) which is telling events from the recent history of Croatian state. Both books were taken off the libraries, because of the pressure of the Service. Neither one of the publishing house in Croatia wouldn’t print the book, so much of free speech in Republic of Croatia. 2011. I gave and interview to “Glas Koncila” about person that was poisoning the late cardinal Stepinac, and the same interview was partially broadcasted this year on the day of cardinal’s death, February the 10th by “Vecernji list”. All mentioned above caused anger in the Service, as in similar political rounds in Croatia and foreign intelligence Services, which resulted in furthering measurements and acts of Service towards me, and all members of my family and to above mentioned people.
It can be staged that I am beaten by fists of crow bars, and that paid news reports write that I am a gangster and that it was a clash of criminals due to some misunderstanding. I can expect other ways how can they “get rid” of me, so that many can sleep quietly in Republic of Croatia.
To put it as easily as possible, it is so sad that Service is dealing with these cases and permanently stigmatizing all others that as not one minded with the Service or specific political rounds in Croatia.

Izvor: Gabriel