Emotionally, subliminally, verbal and non-verbal warfare and war by written word!


Since dawn of times, wars are been lead and mostly against the traitors, and UDBA’s as are Plenković, Perković, Manolić and others. Stanimirovic, Pupovac, Grcic and former SDS, SIS, and other bandits are the sequel which is the result of SOA, VSOA and POA. It should be taken down and rebuilt it again. It wasn’t anything bad with the “Bageri” which stopped suddenly, because they went out of oil. But that part was used in private a purpose which isn’t worth mentioning off. That war was lead, and is called WAR BEFORE THE WAR! Today that kind of wars are being prepared, by special people, team of experts, who through phrases, typed words, or spoken ones, strengthen, by subliminal way messages that can bring so much evil, that every person can and must be affected by.   From table full of lamb and pork, bottles of wine, bread. So subliminal messages to be sent, man must be satisfied, fed and full. He can be drunk, but if he knows what is he talking… that kind is my favorite. Pay attention on this example:

Zero example: Did you read the Bible? It is full of these kind of messages. Every book has it, from Bible and onwards, so does every Patriotic book. This book is worth looking from religious aspect. Further. Through media, NWO is being set up, which didn’t bring anything good to Croatian people in Croatia or abroad. Politicians and K.G. Kitarovic use media in huge amount to establish dictatorship. And woven from one party which was introduced because the government are one and the same Party! Communist Party. I suggest MPs, patriots to enter Parliament with a garland of garlic. So then vampires can have peace because the commies stole their business.

Opportunists, toadies, and others I keep in the closet. But as suppositories for taking off the temperature.

Nothing so far, wasn’t said so public as it is in Croatia:

Pro-chetnic  order, UDBA-COMUNIST order, where everybody has the right to enter in somebody else’s Homes and lives.  It is enough to ask the handyman for the copy of the key. Where so called great politicians are happy and trying to bitter lives of Croats with troubles, and after that to show their true face (so called Patriotic) but in fact satanic. And of course.  How do social networks work, that is how Croatian people work.  Everything after this news, read, committed or said will be and must be destroyed, because it is built in head and psyche of those who received it. So that commies would live easier as parasites on humps and backs of little people. One command on all has the one who gave that message, and that is in most cases UDBA.

So don’t be surprised on the divorces, suicides nor on robberies for which they should be embarrassed off.  They don’t have any shame. Nor dead major can handle this, and alive should get away from this monster for anybody normal cannot say that he can tolerate them. There are so many thing to get rid of, with HDZ and SDP because the played one card more, which is untolerable to all us little people. The one of high treason and betrayal.  From selling others’ to robbery. From making diplomatic passports to withholding stolen money in foreign banks. From Magi soup to black magic.  These last ones who had done that… I ask the now. Did you hear, about those kind of people, modern shamans? They do those kind of ceremonies.

So I ask them: do you know the difference between agaric mushrooms from poker machines!? Do you know what have you cooked? So it yourselves and let people alone, as you did the money you robbed. Bring it back. There isn’t a perfect ceremony, because victims are always the sad results. Our little people they are sad. And for you they are a pride. And as I hear you are trying to get rid of the Patriots from the Parliament.  Be smart and look what are you doing, because the Cermak’s gas could easily get on fire on all INA’s stations. A if it does get of fire, fire fighters wouldn’t come because the is enough of French champagne which is spilled and shared on New Years’ Eve. From him I don’t need anything. Better I don’t need. But there is one thing I know. And that is that all commies , UDBA’s and KOS’s killer of Croats as traitor should teach a lesson.

Once and for all

When I talk about little people I don’t think about the height. But on everyone who has the heart of steal, heart that can let a tear go, and be happy, and never turn their back to no one. Those kind of Heroes we need today. A side the one from Homeland war, because those are being destroyed by all means and trying to get rid of by title of this text. HDZ will use all resources of little people and voters, and with that try to remove and destroy as they did destroy, I can know freely say, at least half of number of veterans and patriots that have died… But let us not forget that HDZ did rule good part of this time, before SDP, and that period of time he didn’t publish ANYTHING about deceased Veterans and Patriots.  So with this I say to HDZ in name of all that were involved in these actions, to be careful, be careful well. Because God is not a cat, and He has angels and they are watching over us. In any case that isn’t the Police, because it works against us, Veterans and Patriots.

Izvor: Gabor Gabrijel Mauker