Pliva was the largest producer of drugs in the former Yugoslavia, and the largest supplier for the JNA!

In Pliva worked formula for this type of spider webs with combustible feature in the sense that the bodies burn and destroy and inflict injury center. nervous system. The consequences have been particularly high in the defender population- in Vukovar, Tovarnik, Lovas and other places around the Danube. Baranja villages were also attacked with cobwebs and consequently have borne children with malforacijama, growths, as well as disorders which are due to develop cancers of all types and colors. To avoid outlasts, Pliva does not give information about it, because it would crash and the collapse of confidence in the Croatian pharmaceutical giant. They threw grenades and plastic, so they were called, because they were like bags of nylon, and that they set fire to the touch, and the skin to sleep. Furthermore, there are shells of depleted uranium, which were imported from Russia, and therefore saber rattling is not an unfamiliar concept with us in Slavonia.

Burns arising touch these bags have become deadly weather and the effects were the same caliber. The nervous system was compromised definitely, and current thinking, was being interrupted, so that the consequences for the person who is poisoned was disastrous, with the “improvement” that is derived from drinking alcohol and drugs in large quantities. the alleged organic matter in the form of cobwebs, which searched for human tissue by the end of the story became wicked poison that had no other purpose than to destroy humans and bears. A very dangerous combination. It could be said that the combination of toxins that are coming from Serbia, accidentally from Pliva and other countries, nothing but the agent that inhibits the body through the blood, sweat. Furthermore. There is no institution in Croatia which would take, steps that would shed light to the end of the story of the poisoning in Slavonia.

But do not be distracted with the mind one thing that Pliva was the largest producer of drugs in the former Yugoslavia, and the largest supplier for the JNA, starting from the injector, poison gases that Pliva developed in secret. The State Committee there to explore these things. These phenomena, events and all the death around 1991 have the seal of state secrets. The guards who have information about these secrets, are the worst traitors who are in Croatia, because watching how volunteers and defenders die and the data do not provide for public access, but of all this benefit, those who enjoy a cult of death, and it is a single , an organization called the Black hand! Her members are traitors and Croats and Chetniks and communists and UDBA, KOS, a very colorful playground, which will cost the Croatians, a large number of lives and roles such as prosperity, Homeland Territory.

Stric Ivan!