Subliminal Warfare!

Nakon toliko vremena sam dohvatio odakle nagon za upravljanje drugim bićima. Da bi se pokazali i dokazali nad drugima i da bi voljeli štovati ih moramo im najprije uzeti u [...]

Once upon a time …in Croatia!

The the very first Croatian King Tomislav 925 AD, called on the royal weather forecaster and inquired as to the weather forecast for the next few hours. The royal weatherman [...]

Dear Mr. Director of SOA!

Dear, we are writing in hope that You will help us. In Croatia systematically are being destroyed citizens of Croatia, first of all Veterans and their families, by SOA. We [...]

Epitaph to great man of Croatia!

Zvonko Busic remained a little man because by entering into the politics he could have become a victim of political scams and imputation, which he did predict, because with [...]
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